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tossed aside between these two candidates right now, kyra. >> minnesota nice. like that. all right, jim. thanks. we'll have your next political update in about an hour. for all the latest political news you can always go to our website 24/7, cnn that does it for us. we'll see you back here early. welcome back. we missed you. >> i was off for a week. >> hope you had a good time. >> i did. well rested. ready to go. live from studio 7 i'm suzanne malveaux. the man suspected of carrying out friday's deadly bombing in oslo, norway and massacre at a youth camp was in court today. briefly, the judge said anders breivik admitted to the attacks and claimed he had help from two terror cells. that has not yet been confirmed. the dge ordered breivik held for eight weeks in isolation until the next hearing.
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this scene played out across scandinavia earlier today. people pausing to remember the victims of that attack. as norway mourns we are hearing more from people who risked their lives to save others. our cnn's michael holmes caught up with one of them. >> it's not a huge boat. how many people did you put in here? >> the first round i believe it was 14. >> reporter: 14. >> yes. and then i had to address the oldest one and said you have to stay ashore. i promise i will come back and get you. they respected that. i said, sit down and wait. i went to the mainland. i went back again and they were -- agreed upon sitting there and i just waved to them like this and they waved back and we made a contact and got them in the boat. >> well, the clock is ticking on the debt limit crisis. there is no deal, if no deal by august 2nd, that means higher
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interest rates for you, a financial mess for the country, and the talks over the weekend, well, essentially they didn't go anywhere. so now republicans and democrats are working on separate plans to raise the debt limit and reduce spending. treasury secretary timothy geithner says it is now time to act. >> back in january more than seven months ago we started this process of working with the congress to get them to raise the debt limit so we could -- it's taken us seven months to get to where we are now. we're almost at a runway. we're not nowhere. we cannot put the american economy through this periodic threat. >> is that a no? >> the deadlock over the debt ceiling is making wall street quite nervous. stocks are down and early trading. right now the dow is down by 63 points. asian markets closed lower on fears of a possible u.s. default. get ready for some football. nfl owners and players have agreed now on a new labor deal
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expected to be approved in a vote today. that's welcome news. not just for the fans but also for everybody who makes a living off the nfl. now we're talking about parking attendants, hot dog vendors, hotels, entire cities, billions of dollars are at stake. we got a live report on that in just a minute. a hotel maid goes public with her allegations of sexual assault. she is standing by her claims against a former head of the international monetary fund dominic strauss-kahn. now, she spoke to "newsweek" magazine and to abc's robin roberts of "good morning america" and she says strauss-kahn was naked when she entered his hotel room. >> i was like, i'm so sorry. i turned my head. he come to me and grab my breasts. no, you don't have to be sorry. i said, stop. i don't want to lose my job. >> los angeles fire investigators are looking at the possibility an arsonist is setting fires in north hollywood.
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crews put out more than a dozen fires over the weekend most of them involving vehicles in car ports. well, wedding bells ringing all over new york this weekend as the state officially began allowing same sex marriages. the first couple to tie the knot in new york city was 77-year-old fi phyllis and connie and they have been together for decades and are finally married at the city clerk's office as a crowd of onlookers cheered them on. >> it was just so amazing. it's the only way i can describe it. i lost my breath and a few tears. and it's indescribable. back to the big news in the nfl this morning. the owners and players have now agreed on a deal. it's not just the fans that are cheering but you've got businesses in every city with an nfl team that are sooighing wit relief here. david mattingly joining us.
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tell us what this means because it goes much more beyond the game. >> you look at the nfl. they have $9 billion in revenue. when you look at each individual city, take atlanta, for example, they had two preseason games last year and eight regular season games. that brought in $56 million into the economy. so you can see that in just about every nfl town everywhere there is a game going on. you were talking about all the people who work at the games and everything like that. >> sure. >> these teams have a lot of people depending on them getting on the field. that is about to happen. we got confirmation today that we will have a vote from the players union today. they're going to be taking it to, first, the players' representatives. >> okay. >> the representatives will take it to the rank and file. it's going to take 50% plus one of the players to approve this deal. >> what was the main sticking point here? what were they negotiating over? >> well, what the owners were trying to do was work through with the players on issues about health and safety, about limiting the amount of contact
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they would have in practice. >> okay. >> they also had issues talking about retirement. this was a sweeping, sweeping agreement and it is a collective bargaining agreement that is going to last for ten years. that is unheard of in major league professional sports. >> are the fans going to come back? there's been this kind of rollercoaster ride and folks getting nervous about this. do they lose some of their fans? >> so far the only thing the fans have missed is that hall of fame game, the first preseason game of the year in canton, ohio. they won't be able to make that one. if they get the agreement going and are able to get people back onto the field the way they expect to the regular season may not be in jeopardy. and that's when fans really start to get upset. >> all right. i know a lot of people are looking forward to the season. thank you very much, david. hope it all works out. >> we'll see. here is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. today's question, should president obama forget congress and raise the debt limit on his own? carol costello, good to see you.
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>> good to see you. welcome back. >> thanks. amazing what a week can do for you. >> yeah. amazing what a week cannot do for washington. no debt ceiling deal. so, please. allow me to be crass. the popular topic on twitter this weekend was, fu, washington. i doubt you're shocked. after countless meetings between the president and lawmakers, half a dozen plans, there is still no debt ceiling deal. bottom line, house speaker john boehner says if a deal is not in place by wednesday the country will go into default. something that could cause interest rates to shoot up and stock prices to plummet. so if there is no deal by wednesday what should president obama do? bill clinton says he ought to invoke the 14th amendment. clinton says the 14th amendment gives the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval. president obama is actually thinking about it. >> i have talked to my lawyers.
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they don't -- they do not -- they are not persuaded that that is a winning argument. >> hum. so that's a no, right? well, maybe not. peter shane, a law professor from ohio state, argue the president ignored the white house lawyers on libya and he adopted a tenuous interpretation of the war powers resolution, so why not adopt a tenuous position on the 14th amendment? the talk back question today, should president obama forget congress and raise the debt limit? cnn. cnn. i'll read some of your comments later this hour. >> all right. the deadline is looming. a lot of people wondering how the whole thing is going to be resolved. thank you, carol. here is a rundown, some of the stories ahead. first, the hotel maid who told police she was raped by one of the most powerful men in france. she is going public with her story. then the faa is not collecting taxes on airline tickets but it's not going to
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mean savings for you. plus, the heat outside, downright dreadful. well, some states could catch a break soon. we'll tell you which are the lucky ones. seven-term congressman from oregon david wu accused of unwanted sexual advances on the teenage daughter of a family friend. as wedding bells ring for same sex couples in new york, so do cash registers for people in a lot of businesses. >> it's a new market we're going to be able to tap. you know, a lot of affluent same sex couples in the city who are really excited about being able to get married. >> in sickness and in health. act my age?
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more now on the first court
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appearance for norway's terror suspect. it was brief. few people actually saw anders breivik. our michael holmes joins us from outside the courthouse. i understand that we are just getting news now that the norwegian police held a press conference, they have adjusted those numbers, the casualty numbers. before it was believed 93 people had been killed from the initial explosion and in that mass shooting it has been downgraded now to 76 people who lost their lives, police saying this was due to some confusion at both scenes about those numbers. clearly, that is a little bit of good news here but this is just such a tragic situation all around. can you tell us what happened at the courthouse today? >> yeah. i can do that. you're right. new to utoya, the island where the shootings took place, now 68 killed. we have a few missing near the island, four missing, and could
11:13 am
be more still in the damaged building not far from where i am. here at the court anders breivik appeared briefly. we did think we'd be able to get in there, that the media would be allowed in. it is a very open judicial system here in norway. however, police said they weren't convinced breivik didn't have associates on the outside, coconspirators, and they feared if he did appear in court he might send a message to those coconspirators so they barred the media and the public from the court. again, this being a very open society we got the judge afterwards coming out and giving a news conference basically and outlining the things that the accused has said. first of all, he said that he has remanded him in custody, not surprisingly, for eight weeks. and there will be another court appearance. he is not allowed to have newspapers, television, no contact with anyone. he can't get in touch with anyone. he may have conspired with. he also made an interesting point. he said breivik had said he was involved with two cells who helped him carry out the act.
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so police are obviously looking into that side of it. want to play you one sound bite that the judge said. >> he has not pleaded guilty, turning to what the court understands the accused believes that he needed to carry out these acts in order to save norway and western europe from among other things cultural marxism and muslim takeover. >> reporter: and of course this is what we've heard from breivik, his manifesto that was published online and the like. he was saying that he feared colonization of europe by muslims and that's why he carried this out, the target in oslo being the labor party. and of course on the island that was a youth labor party camp that was going on there, suzanne. >> such a tragedy. michael, do we know what's next for this suspect here? >> yeah. he appears back in court in
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eight weeks. he could just get another remand again, be remanded in custody again for another eight weeks and the process here, talking to a law professor earlier, he said in a case like this where breivik has pleaded not guilty and there will be a trial it could take up to a year for a verdict in this case the irony being of course he has pleaded not guilty but admitted to everything. the reason for that, he wants the trial to give him a platform to give his views again. >> i see. okay. michael, thank you very much. allegations of sexual assault, a high profile case of he said/she said. now the hotel maid who accuses a powerful money man goes public with her story.
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a hotel maid who accuses a powerful international figure of sexual assault is now breaking her silence. she spoke to "newsweek" magazine and to abc's "good morning america" about her allegations against dominique strauss-kahn. he has denied assaulting her but she stands by her story. our national correspondent susan candiotti has been following the case from the very beginning and is joining us from new york. susan, give us a sense here. now that the alleged victim has come forward, is there any talk in the legal community about whether or not this is going to help or hurt her case? >> well, i think you get people from both sides talking about this, suzanne. it could help if, in fact, what she is doing what she said she would do and that is to try to put pressure on prosecutors to get them to go forward with the case against dominique strauss-kahn. on the other hand, as you said, it's truly remarkable that an alleged sex assault victim would come forward before authorities have had a chance to go to trial
11:19 am
or decide on whether to press charges in this particular case. so it's really fascinating. also fascinating is the disturbing account that we now hear from her in her own words. for example, she said she tried to stop him when he, she says, came after her in the hotel room. here is part of the interview. >> then i said, oh, my god, and i was crying. i said, they're going to kill me. i said, they're going to kill me. i'm going to die. stop this. stop this. but he wasn't saying nothing. he kept pushing me, pushing me to the hallway. back to the hallway. keep pushing me. i was so afraid. i was so scared. >> why is she coming forward? she says because she wants justice. in her words, she doesn't think someone as powerful as dominique strauss-kahn who was then head of the international monetary fund, she said she didn't know that at the time, but she said someone like him shouldn't be able to get away with this. as you said, suzanne, he has
11:20 am
denied the charges. she denies claims that she is a prostitute. here is her answer to that. >> i'm not and i never been called that since i was born. god is my witness i'm telling the truth from my heart. god knows that. >> as soon as everyone learned that these interviews had taken place on sunday, lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn issued a written statement and a written statement only accusing her as they say as the first accuser in history to conduct a media campaign to persuade a prosecutor to pursue charges against a person from whom she wants money and they added, speaking of her lawyers, its obvious purpose is to inflame the public. now, she has not yet filed a civil lawsuit against strauss-kahn though that is widely expected. >> all right. susan candiotti, thank you very much. we have three great stories.
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only one is going to air. it is your chance to choose the news. these are the options. number one, in a country where women's voices often go unheard, this afghan mom is making a mark in independent journalism. number two, it wasn't his choice to join the army but became his life. he served his country for almost four decades. now the last draftee is about to retire. or number three, you know it as a dangerous drug but a century ago freud was calling it a miracle cure for mental illness. our dr. sanjay gupta takes a look back at the long, strange trip of cocaine. vote by texting 223-60-text 1 for afghanistan's female voice, two for the last draftee retires, or three for the history of cocaine. winning story will air in the next hour. well, the east is finally getting some relief from the heat this week. rob joins us with what is on the way. >> cooler temperatures at least
11:22 am
for a couple days, suzanne. then i think we'll crank things back up. i want to put into perspective last week as far as the amount of heat for the week of july 17-24th. we had on friday the hottest day of the week, 745 temperature records, total records for the entire week, almost 4,000, unbelievable. guess what? we had more records yesterday. 100 degrees in raleigh. 100 degrees in atlantic city. wilmington, north carolina also seeing the century mark and pennsylvania and philadelphia seeing 98 degrees there so where are we going to see the hot weather today? across the southern plains of the central plains, dallas and oklahoma city, and parts of arkansas have seen 100 degrees plus now for over 20 days in a row. and the next five to ten days doesn't look to be any cooler. i think we'll probably see a record streak as far as that is concerned. but the eastern third of country a little cooler. a cool front coming through yesterday. we have another one that is going to drop down from canada and that will spawn more in the way of some showers and
11:23 am
thunderstorms. we're seeing that just about right now. some of these could be rough heading through scranton getting into some of the tri-state area here across new jersey and new york and southern connecticut up toward newberg across the hudson valley some thunderstorms as well. be aware of that. we could see boomers later on in the day. as far as what temperatures are expected to be going forward, 106 in dallas. threatening records for sure there today but 85 degrees after the torrential rains over the weekend. 85 and much drier in chicago but 79 rain-cooled degrees today in new york city and 85 degrees in atlanta. enjoy the temperatures for our friends across the northeast today and tomorrow. we heat it back up to the 90s and maybe even close to 100 again as we get closer to the weekend. giving the air conditioner a break for a time. >> i think my air conditioning is out. we'll see how that goes. no action in the debt limit crisis. we'll update you where things stand and what it means for your finances. [ male announcer ] there's more than one
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here's a rundown of some of the stories we are working on. next, the fallout is predicted to be catastrophic if congress doesn't come up with a debt deal in a belsi has details. the wedding business, feel the love as same sex marriage is legal now in new york. the faa stops collecting taxes on your airline ticket because of a partial shutdown but don't expect cheaper fares. and the debt ceiling crisis is turning into a real cliff hanger. outcome determines whether you end up paying higher interest rates and whether the economy takes a major hit. the talks over the weekend stalled so now democrats, republicans, they are working on separate plans. senate majority leader harry reid's plan calls for $2.7
11:28 am
trillion in deficit reduction. it does not include tax hikes opposed by republicans. well, house speaker john boehner is expected to propose a two step plan, $1 trillion in cuts while raising the debt limit through 2011. the second stage, tied to tax reforms and entitlement changes later on down the road. the white house says president obama opposes any short-term deal that requires a second vote in the middle of the 2012 elections. the president canceled two fund raising appearances today to focus on the debt crisis. so the deadline for raising the debt limit just eight days away. what happens if lawmakers don't reach a deal? our chief business correspondent ali velshi joins us. what are the consequences? if no deal is reached by august 2nd is there a way for the government to delay paying some of its bills? >> they're asking me the same question. i wish i had an answer. we have never been anywhere near this since the day america had a
11:29 am
credit rating. it's been the best. we've never missed a payment, never been late on a payment, never not paid in full when due. we really don't know. i harken you back to 2008 when lehman brothers collapsed and we thought the market would be able to absorb that and it didn't. i would suggest a u.s. default of any sort is substantially larger and more important than the collapse of an investment bank. let me tell you this. there is a mixed -- there are mixed views as to what would happen to interest rates. in theory our credit rating would go down. the u.s.'s perfect, stellar credit rating would decrease and if this happened to you or me the net result would be it would become more expensive and harder to borrow money. we are not sure that is going to happen but we are likely going to see an interest rate increase and it is probably going to affect stocks. so if you have a 401(k) or an i.r.a. or just invest in the stock market that is probably likely to be pulled back. the net effect is that it could cost jobs and leave less money
11:30 am
in people's pockets which in an economic recovery makes it a little bit difficult to sort of plug along. >> a lot of people have been asking this question. should we change our 401(k)s or retirement plans? is there anything that we can do or expect that's going to happen to our 401(k)s because of this? >> i think you should have control over your 401(k). in other words, you should know who you call if you need to clang it. you should know how to sell your holdings if you need to. you should know how to log into the program. i would tell you today, i wouldn't do anything just yet. make sure you're not over exposed and make sure your safer investments are companies that have a lot of cash and not a lot of debt. they are the least likely to be affected by this. i would say that we've got, you know, maybe 48 or 72 hours in which to see if washington comes up with a deal. right now when you look at the stock market it is pricing in the idea that there is going to be a deal. there is going to be a conclusion to this. if there isn't we're going to let everybody know and then you can consider whether or not you should get out of the stock market. the biggest mistake people make
11:31 am
is they sell out at the wrong time. they buy in at the wrong time. and they miss the normal vacillation, normal up and downs of the markets. don't worry about it. i'll let you know when it is time to do so. >> we'll be asking. real quick followup. you talked about downgrading the credit rating of the united states. >> yes. >> making it more expensive to borrow. is that inevitable because we're so close to this deadline? is that already going to lap or is it possible that that's still on hold? >> there are a number of key economists who say it is inevitable that the credit rating will be downgraded. that's very serious. it is not inevitable that if we get a downgrade in the credit rating that our cost of borrowing will go up substantially. remember, interest rates are historically low. fed rates are low. mortgage rates are low. so it's not inevitable that they are going to go up. it is -- many people say more than inevitable that we're going to get a ratings downgrade even if they made a deal today because we have sent the signal to the world that our politics comes in the way of good economic decision making in the
11:32 am
united states and the rest of the world isn't interested in us getting to it within days of defaulting on debts before sorting that out. in normal life your bank wouldn't appreciate it if you're always rubbing up against a deadline and calling people and shuffling things around. that's the situation we're in right now. >> we'll be watching this very closely and obviously getting back to you as anything develops. thanks again. the next time you fly you might notice that you're not charged any taxes on that ticket if you look at the fine print. that is because the faa, which is partially shut down now, but it doesn't mean that you're going to get away with a cheaper flight. our cnn senior correspondent allan chernoff is at the new york stock exchange to talk a little bit about this. so the faa doesn't collect taxes on tickets now but does that mean there is any savings for us? what's going on? >> right. well, they haven't been collecting taxes since saturday so, yeah. you'd expect we'd be saving some money but in most cases it's just not happening. even though the government isn't
11:33 am
collecting some of the taxes that normally fund the faa, many carriers simply are not passing along the savings. instead, they've actually raised their fares by the same amount of the tax. fare says that would give a major boost to airline earnings. suzanne, i guess you're not too surprised. >> i'm not surprised. we're getting caught with the expense here. so if you buy your ticket weeks ago, you pay the taxes, you're flying now, do you get a refund? >> well, the treasury department is telling us that, yes. you should be able to get a refund. this is all theoretical. on a $300 domestic ticket that would amount to about 30 bucks. now the government is still working out exactly how this would all happen but the money should be coming from the airlines. let's also note that not every single carrier has raised its prices. virgin america and alaska air are touting the savings as a tax
11:34 am
holiday. in fact, virgin has a very witty promotion. they're telling consumers, quote, evade taxes, take flight. >> not a bad motto there. let's go back to the faa, the shutdown here, more serious. are folks being laid off now or how is that impacting their agency? >> yes. indeed, 4,000 faa workers are furloughed without pay and $2.5 billion in airport construction projects all over the country are now on hold. that is hitting people who work on those projects both in the private and the public sector. so a major impact here. this is not a good time for it either of course. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate it. allegations of unwanted sexual advances lead to calls for an ethics investigation of a congressman. details in our political ticker update. also, it's brighter, even easier to find cnn's most compelling video. we'll invite you to check out
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here is a reminder to vote on the story you'd like to see next hour. text 1 for afghanistan's female voice. this mom making a mark in independent journalism in a kourn where women have long been
11:38 am
silenced. text two for the last draftee retires. it wasn't his choice to go to vietnam but he stayed in the army for almost four decades. next three for the history of cocaine, from miracle cure to dangerous narcotic. dr. sanjay gupta tracks the history of that white powder. the winning story will air in the next hour. well, allegations of unwanted sexual advances lead to calls for an ethics investigation of an oregon lawmaker. mark preston part of the best political team on television is live from the political desk in d.c. mark, what can you tell us about the allegations against congressman david wu? >> very serious allegations, suzanne, by a young woman who has accused congressman wu of oregon of an inappropriate, improper sexual encounter. the story was first broke on friday night by the oregonian newspaper and the congressman put out a statement not denying it actually happened.
11:39 am
in fact, he said while it is very serious he has absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to the young woman or her family. here we are now, democratic leader nancy pelosi has asked the house ethics committee to launch an investigation into mr. wu's conduct. mr. wu has had some kind of history of erratic behavior. back in 2010 right around the election he did some things that caused his staff to draw some major concerns. in fact, he sent this picture right here of himself dressed up as a tiger right around the election, right around halloween time to some staffers. the staffers were very concerned about him. they tried to get him some help. they were unsuccessful. now, the congressman has said that at the time he was under a lot of stress. he was raising his two young children alone. he lost his father. he was involved in a very heated campaign. so he did acknowledge that he was seeking some help back in
11:40 am
2010. here we are right now in 2011 and democratic leaders are asking for this ethics investigation. the fact that they're doing it just shows you where his support is right now with the democratic caucus and that really shows he has no support. >> did he ever explain the outfit, why he sent that to his staffers? >> he said it was around halloween and he was having fun with his kids. it is a bizarre thing to do to send a picture of yourself to your staffers. >> all right. thank you very much. we will get an update on the story as it develops. for the latest political news you know where to go, cnn ♪ go together like a horse and carriage ♪ >> well they had to wait 23 years for their big day. meet some of new york's same sex newlyweds. a lot of new york businesses are just as happy about the news as these two are. we'll tell you why.
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a sight that caught our eye. the number of same sex wedding announcements in the "new york times" this weekend, the increase painting a picture of the new normal in the latest state to allow gay couples to get married. on sunday hundreds of same sex couples flooded into new york city's clerk's office to exchange vows and to make history. in all, 764 weddings took place setting a new one-day record for the city and setting a new definition of marriage in new york. >> it's the moment we've been waiting for for years. >> a dream come true for us to say this is my husband now, freddy, as opposed to my boyfriend or my partner. >> all of the wedding bells mean big bucks for the state's economy as well. the bakers, wedding planners, dress makers all raking it in as same sex couples step up to the altar. >> reporter: hi. >> hi.
11:45 am
>> how can i help you? >> reporter: barry and kevin have been together for more than 20 years. on monday they plan on tying the knot. one day after new york state's landmark bill allowing same sex marriages goes into effect. it has been a whirlwind few weeks of planning. >> that's a simple design there. >> with some loose lilies up there. >> it started with simply saying we should do this. come on. let's do it. and it was if we're going to do this we should have a reception. if we're going to have a reception you need a cake. >> reporter: businesses are bracing for a spike in orders from couples who have been waiting to wed for years. >> it's a new market we'll be able to tap. you know, there's a lot of affluent, same sex couples in the city who are really excited about being able to get married and are looking to order extravagant cakes or flowers or, you know, even booking extravagant venues. >> the city estimates over the next three years the new legislation could bring in more
11:46 am
than $700 million to new york city and it's not just small businesses like city cakes that hope to benefit but also historic institutions like the pierre hotel. inside a luxury pierre suite nora walsh walks us through the hotel's tempting package to same sex couples. >> they have a personalized wedding cake as well as champagne on arrival. some chocolate as well as oysters. a carriage ride in the world's most romantic park, central park, as well as a picturesque picnic. so that's definitely something that isn't something we do with any of the other packages. people that are getting married right now are going to want simpler, quicker weddings rather than people who are taking a year or two to plan very elaborate weddings. >> many of our rooms are actually stainless steel. >> pent up demand may trigger a summer time surge but at chelsea gift shop arcadia jay is planning for a permanent boost to business. >> typically we would keep in stock anything, about 20 to 30 rings maximum. by the time the summer is over we'll probably have over a
11:47 am
hundred different styles of rings in stock and many more of them will be specifically geared for weddings. >> i think they're going to be surprised at how much more business they're going to have. a couple of the other people that we spoke to about cakes before we decided on city cakes were just when they saw us come in you could see the almost the dollar signs in their eyes. >> it's going to be beautiful, guys. you'll be really happy with it. >> history is being made and new york businesses are hoping for an invitation. cnn, new york. >> not everybody in new york was cheering on sunday. thousands rallied with the national organization for marriage to protest the weddings. >> that's not what the bible says. the bible says that there is a husband and a wife and that's how we are to bring up our children. >> man marrying man, woman marrying woman, we're against that. not only that we're against it but god is. >> the march began on park avenue outside of the office of
11:48 am
governor andrew cuomo who had championed the bill. today's talk back question? should president obama forget congress, just raise the debt limit? christina says, yes. he should. obama has done everything he can to work with the republicans and all they want to do is get him out of office. at all cost, even if it comes to bringing the u.s. down. more of your responses up ahead.
11:49 am
11:50 am
if you haven't booked your summer travel yet, you could end
11:51 am
up paying a lot for for these last-minute plane tickets. allan chernoff is here with tips to help you save money that is me. i always buy these tickets at the last minute. help me out. help a sister out. >> well it is going to cost you, but we have got a few ideas here. >> okay. >> we checked with the travel site fair they tell us there have been 13 fare hikes this year but there is some good news here. most of those fare hikes came earlier in the year and many of the recent ones have been withdrawn. rick seenny at fare compare says the summer travel tips are these. first of all, when you fly it really matters. many airlines will add surcharges on the busy days, so what you want to do is be flexible. here you go tuesday, wednesday and saturday are the cheapest days for domestic flights. friday and sunday, the most expensive days. so suzanne, if you have some flexibility, i don't think you do, but if you do have -- >> not that much.
11:52 am
>> could you save a little bit. what about times to buy the tickets? is there a best time to shop, maybe? >> yeah, of course, you will need to shop while you're working, but this is what you can do. as long as the bosses aren't watching. fare compare crunch the numbers, they found that prices are lowest at 3 p.m. on tuesday. now, most of those discounts will get pulled on thursday, so you don't want to wait until the weekend to be buying the ticket. >> okay. who knew, 3:00 on tuesday. unbelievable. >> right. set your outlook. >> okay. once you figure out where you're going, you got a departure date, any other tricks that you can do to lower the price? >> well, rick seenny recommends buying tickets, get this one at a time, even if you're booking travel for a whole group. this is certainly a halls, but he says when you buy more than one ticket, the airline reservation systems will price all the tickets equally at the highest price. so if you buy one at a time, you
11:53 am
can get some cheaper seats. and essaying that it could save you, theoretically, hundreds of dollars. honestly, to me, sounds like a huge hassle. >> and if you just can't avoid a last-minute flight is there any way to save money on the last-minute flights that you've got to book? >> right. well, okay, here are a few strategies. first of all, the airlines sometime does have last-minute deals on offpeak round trips, for example, thursday to monday, saturday to tuesday. again, what you have to do is you have to be flexible. you can also try to buy tickets using miles or points, so if you don't have enough, you can always go to the airline website, buy some extra miles. and here's another idea, you can look for packages that actually include hotel stays, even if you're not planning to stay at hotels, because seam seenny says many packages offer these combo sites that are actually cheaper than the airline tickets alone purchase ted very last minute.
11:54 am
>> those are great ideas, i got book a flight for friday, make sure tuesday, 3:00, i'm online, trying to figure it out. thank you, allan, appreciate it. thanks again. >> good luck. there is still time to vote on the story would you like to see in the next hour, text your vote to 22360, text 1 for afghanistan's female voice, mom is making a mark in independent journalism, making her voice heard in a country where women generally are silenced. text two for the last drafty retires it wasn't his choice to go to vietnam but he stayed in the army for almost four decades or text three for the history of cocaine from miracle cure to dangerous narcotic. dr. sanjay gupta is tracking the history of cocaine. winning story is going to air in the next hour. deadline on the debt crisis grows more urgent with every day which bring us to today's talk back question and carol costello who joins us from washington,
11:55 am
hey, carol. >> yeah, i got the responses back, at least some of them. the talk back question today, suzanne, should president obama forget congress and ratz debt limit? this from michael if there is a way you some say there is, for obama raise the debt ceiling, i say do it linking the debt ceiling to all these spending, cutting plans is insanity created by the gop and some reason, bought into by the democrats, a pox on both. this from adam, if he can do it legally, he should use the executive order and end this nonsense. gw bush would have done it for sure. this from barack why would we raise the debt ceiling is if no money is going it toward paying down our dealt? makes no sense, i say let's default and get it out of the way sooner rather than later because it's happening regardless. this is from kyle to do so is a subversion of the democratic process as it was designed by the founding father but then again, the founding father assumed that those who held elected office would actually manage to not be insane, hell-bent on wrecking the u.s.
11:56 am
economy. thank you for responses, cnn. please continue the conversation. i will be back with you in 15 minutes. >> carl, you can't go yet, you got to stay, stick around. >> i'm ready. >> favorite segments for you, carol. >> i am ready. >> okay. this is a doozy. old furniture sculptures, you have anything like that lying you around? >> yeah, but it's all junk. >> you would think, right? you think it is junk. the guys from "antiques road show" stopping by atlanta next week, i got my own junk, check this out, gave the best news to this guy, out of tulsa, they praised a collection of rare carved chinese horn cups between 1 and $1.5 million. >> what? >> i'm not kidding you. they are from the late 17th or early 18th century, most valuable appraisal in the show's history. gout any rhino-horn cups laying around, carol, anything like that? >> i don't know, i'm going to look in every corner of my house.
11:57 am
rhino stuff. you know, your junk, somebody else's treasure, really, check it out it is really kind of amazing. and i also want our viewers to check this out, too. checkth is cool, not a tech person here, look, you got to check it out. if you are away from your tv, still watch cnn newsroom right now on your phone, computer or ipad what we are watching here. you can see the show, any of our cnn favorites, live on the go so you got to check out video or just download the app and go. see? i mean it is like live tv on your ipad, on your phone, pretty cool stuff, carol. >> it is cool stuff. >> see, you can do it. >> you just did it, i'm proud of you. >> you know, i'm so afraid of technology. look we done this did this >> she doesn't even know how to operate her stereo. >> stereo? now, i'm more sophisticated than that i do have album, i have albums, it is a shame, but true. so check it out. all right. we will have more. we will have more with carol
11:58 am
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patients may experience loss of appetite or weight. patients who weigh less than 110 pounds may experience more side effects. people at risk for stomach ulcers who take certain other medicines should talk to their doctor because serious stomach problems such as bleeding may worsen. people with certain heart conditions may experience slow heart rate. [ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. top of the hour, i'm suzanne malveaux. i want to get you up to speed it is now 6 p.m. in oz low, norway. people are gathering for a march through downtown in memory of the 76 people killed, dozens wounds in friday's deadly bombing and shooting massacre. here's what one survivor
12:01 pm
remembers. >> translator: i was hiding and pretending that i'm not alive. it became quiet. he came to me because i heard his shoes. i held my breath and i didn't move. i heard a shot and i felt like a kick in my arm. i knew that he shot me, but my body wanted to protect me. i didn't feel any pain. i didn't feel anything. so, i could lie calm and not move. so he thought that i was dead and then he walked away. >> the man suspected in the deadly killing spree was in court briefly today. the judge said anders breivik admitted to the attacks and also claimed he worked with two terror cells. that claim has not been confirmed. the judge order breivik held for eight weeks in isolation until his next hearing. the clock is ticking in the debt limit cries is cis. looking at live pictures there, no deal by august 2nd means that higher interest rates for all of to us and a financial mess for
12:02 pm
the country. talks over the weekend essentially went nowhere. now, republicans and democrats are working on separate plans to raise the debt limit and reduce spending. the deadlock over the debt ceiling is giving wall street a case of the jitters. stocks are trading in negative territory today. right now the dow jones down by 54 points. asian markets closed lower on fears of a possible u.s. default. a hotel maid goes public with her allegations of sexual assault. she is standing by her claims against the former head of international monetary fund, dominique strauss-kahn. she spoke to "newsweek" magazine and robin roberts of "good morning, america." strauss-kahn denies assaulting her, diallo insists that he did. >> stop, stop this stop this. but he -- he won't saypushing m
12:03 pm
to the hall way, back to the hall way, keep pushing me, i was so afraid, i was so scared. >> what do you want? >> i want justice, i want him to go to jail, i want him to know you cannot use your power when you do something like this. four teams are badly hurt after being mauled by a brown bear in the alaskan wilderness, taking part in the national outdoor leadership school when they came across batter and her cub night fall. they followed protocol by calling to the want bear bus it didn't work. >> we got on scene, we really, for the first time, saw what we were dealing with and they were mauled, very severely. los angeles fire investigators looking for a possible arsonist in connection with fires in north hollywood. crews pout putt out more than a dozen fires over the weekend, all in the early morning hours. most of them involved vehicles
12:04 pm
in carports. all right. so get ready, get ready for some football. nfl owners and players, they have now agreed on a new labor deal, expected to be approved in a vote that's going to happen later today. facility does open as early as tomorrow. well, christian eglin, he was among the first to let the world know what was happening friday in oslo. these are some of the first scene he is of the bombing that he actually sent to us. he was in the building that was right next door to the targeted government building and right now, he is in the middle of a march for the victims. christian, if you can hear us, i want to thank you, first of all, for those amazing pictures that you sent. i know that that was very difficult to do during that time. you were part of this march that is taking place. give us a sense of what the mood is like today. >> sure. thanks for being on your show. you know, i've never seen a scene like this before. it really feels like terror has
12:05 pm
attacked the downtown ofs level we are up to maybe 100,000 people here. people are supporting one another, talking to one other, giving each other hugs, talking about what happened. you know this feels like a national bonding time right now. >> what do you want us to know about your country, about people in light of this devastating event? >> i would say that -- be by the way, i'm positively surprised that despite the tragedies like this we are coming together like never seen before. we are hurt but certainly not defeated and i really think this is going to make our country and our society much stronger in the long term. >> christian, how are people coping? do they feel any comfort from all had this attention they are getting over this tragedy? >> absolutely. you know, within the country, even abroad, people from all over the world are sending their
12:06 pm
thoughts and prayers and giving us confidence and comfort to get through this. this is really just fascinating. this is, i would say revolutionary in many ways too. this is very positive. >> christian, we are seeing some of the pictures of what's taking place on the ground. can you describe be what people are doing right now amidst in that crowd? >> sure. people are still coming into this main town hall area, main streets in oslo. it is packed. people are walking, people are holding flowers, roses, holding around each other, smiling. this feels a little bit like our independence day unfortunate lakers bad circumstance but we are sticking together and we are going to handle this. >> christian, finally what is it that you need? if there's anything you can say to us and the people on the ground what is it that they need
12:07 pm
the most now? >> people outside of nor way? >> where you are. >> i'm sorry, say that question again, please. >> what do the people of norway need, those people that you are walking with now what so is the most important thing that they need? >> right now, we need time. we need time to come together, talk about these things to deal with it, it has been a tragedy it is still a tragedy. right now, we just need time and support from within this country and from the rest of the world. >> christian aglen, thank you so much for being with us, we really appreciate your time and obviously, your perspective and we wish you the very best for those who are there and during this time. >> thank you. thank you very much. well, here's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. today's question, should president obama forget congress, just raise the debt limbity? carol costello, she's got more. hey, carol. >> boy, i do ever have more? but please, first, allow me to be crass. the popular topic on twit they are weekend was fu, washington.
12:08 pm
i doubt you're shocked about that after seven months of scathing political attacks countless meetings between the president and lawmakers, half a dozen plans, there is still no debt ceiling deal. bottom line, house speaker john boehner says if a deal is not in place by wednesday with, the country could go into fault, snag could cause interest rates to shoot up and stock prices to plummet. so if there is no deal by wednesday what should president obama do? bill clinton says he ought to invoke the 14th amendment. clinton says the 14th amendment the authority to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval. president obama has thought about it. >> i have talked to my lawyers. they don't -- they do not -- they are not persuaded that that is a winning argument. >> so, does that sound like a no to you? maybe it is not a. no the president ignored the white house lawyers on libya, so
12:09 pm
he has done it before, right? he adopted a tenuous interpretation of the war powers resolution so why not adopt a tenuous position on the 14th amendment? the talk back question today, should president obama forget congress and raise the debt limit? cnn. i will read some of your comments later this hour. >> thank you, carol. a rundown on some of the stories we are working on straight ahead. first, same sex couples now allowed to marry in new york, so how far does the new law go? we are going to read the fine print on the wedding certificates. and the carnage in norway brings back memories of timothy mcvachl we are going to exam mint threat of right-wing extremism in this country. and then, britain mourns one of the most talented singers. we wait to see what killed amy winehouse. plus, we are going to tell you what's behind this man's crazy decision to ride this way.
12:10 pm
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12:12 pm
debt ceiling crisis is turning into a real cliffhanger. the outcome determines whether or not you end up paying more high interest rate, whether or not the economy takes a major him. the talks over the weekend, they stalled. now, democrats and republicans are working on separate plans. senate majority leader harry reid's plan calls for $2.7 trillion in deficit reduction. does not include tax hikes opposed by republicans. house speaker john boehner, he is expected to propose a two-step plan, $1 trillion in
12:13 pm
spending cuts while raising the debt limit through 2011, then a second stage tied to tax reforms and entitlement changes. the white house says that president obama, he opposes any short-term deal that requires a second vote in the midhall of the 2012 elections. treasury secretary timothy geithner says you got to act. >> back in january, more than seven months ago, we started this process of working with the congress to get them to raise the debt limit so we could avoid a default crisis it has taken us seven months to get to the place we are now, we are almost out of run way, not nowhere, but almost out of runway and we can nut knot put the american economy through this -- >> is that a no? >> take a closer look at the politics behind the debt limit deadline. john avlon is cnn contributor, senior political columnist for "newsweek" amount daily beast. john joins us from new york. john, you and i, i mean, it was amazing to watch, when you think about it over the weekend this game of chicken that was played
12:14 pm
out very dramatic, yet president obama coming out, you had speaker boehner following, both blaming the other for dropping the ball. give us a sense why are both sides really digging in over this point about whether or not it is a short term or long term deal about the debt? >> there is a bit of denial about the government, a bipartisan plan is all that can pass people. i think president obama has shown good faith in negotiations, particularly by pushing for a long-term flan would deal with entitlement reform that is an historic concession for a democratic con session to make to a republican congress. the sticking point has been that some republicans who realize that any big plan needs to raise revenue are even saying closing tax loopholes would be counted as a tax increase that, of course is philosophically forbidden that is a fundamental breaking point. right now debate, suzanne, as you said is whether we have a short-term plan and go to become this before the presidential leeks or try to have a long-term plan that would get us past the presidential election and deal with our long-term deficit and
12:15 pm
debt, high-stakes stuff. the reality is our politics are being hijacked by hyper partisans with real fiscal consequences on the brink of this cliff. >> seems like it is political, when you think about, talking about whether or not this can happen before or after 2012, very important time with the election. we saw these competing news conferences, appearance by the president, speak pear reid and others throwing out their own plans, getting involved in this. do you this think that there's real dealmaking that's taking place here or is this primarily for show? >> certainly washingtons into shortage of kabuki theater but this kabuki theater has consequences. we have known this deadline was coming up for months months now. when negotiations fell apart friday afternoon that sent a really bad sign not just to the market bus people watching these negotiations closely. i think everyone response anybody washington realizes that the debt ceiling needs to be raised.
12:16 pm
you have some debt ceiling denie deniers, don't worry about it, fall off the cliff, maybe some political advantage in that for them, a sick way of viewing politics. i think at the end of the day people know tough get the room, the big sticking point now, a short-term plan, a band-aid or try to get a long-term band pushed forward while raising the debt ceiling as soon as possible? anyone with a credit card bill understand this, this isn't a sign of fiscal discipline not to pay your bill it is economic i will lit ras say deeper hole overnight i interest rates get jacked. >> take it out of washington for a bit, how fed up are the american people over this? >> increasingly and we should be this is not a fiscal crisis this is a political crisis. we areth is a self-inflicted wound we are applying to ourselves, our economy and full faith and credit. people at home, work every day with people with different political believes, you know you sit down, define the common ground and you build on it you find a way to reason together them look at this dysfunctional culture of hyper partisanship of washington, d.c. and concluding that washington is broken they can't do the basic stuff even
12:17 pm
when we have a gun to our head, even when pedaling towards a fiscal cliff. >> wonder if they will shoot that gun what everybody is wondering, self-inflicted, shoot the gun. john, thank you. appreciate it. . >> thank you. three great stories, only someone going to air. the chance to choose the news, here are your option, in a country where women's voices of the gone unheard, this afghan mom is making a mark in independent journalism. number, wasn't his choice to join the army but it became his life. he served his country for almost four decades, now the last drafty is about to retire. number three, you know it as a dangerous drug but century ago, sigmund freud was calling it a medical cure for mental illness. dr. sanjay gupta takes a look back at the strange life of cocaine.
12:18 pm
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12:20 pm
wedding bells were ringing all over new york this weekend as the state officially began allowing same-sex marriages. the first couple to tie the knot in new york city was 77-year-old phil siegel and 85-year-old connie cuppola, they had been together for decades and finally married at the city clerk's office as a crowd of onlookers cheered them on. >> it was just so amazing. it's -- it's the only way i can describe it. i lost my breath and a few tears and it's indexrirable. >> not everyone was celebrating
12:21 pm
the new marriage law. thousands in new york marched with the national organization for marriage to protest the weddings. >> that's not what the bible says. the bible says that there is a husband and a wife and these how we are to bring up our children. >> man marrying men, woman marrying woman, we are against that, not only -- not only that we are against it but god is. >> march began on park avenue outside the office of governor andrew cuomo who had championed the bill. whether new yorkers like it or not, same sex mar search at new law of the land in that state, how far does the new law go? i'm joined now by avery friedman, civil rights attorney to take a closer look at the letter of the law here. avery, thanks for joining us here on "newsroom." i want to put this into context f a couple gets married in new york, say and then crosses into another state, is the marriage still valid? >> no. and that's actually the big
12:22 pm
question, suzanne, while new york did pass its law and there were mean that were married this weekend, 44 other states do not have same-sex marriage laws. so in the example that you use, if someone gets married or got married in new york this weekend and went to, let's say we yes, ma'aming for their honeymoon, let's say there was an accident, well, if one is in the hospital that hospital is not going to recognize most like lilt fact that the same-sex person that married the injured person is a husband or wife. therefore, it's of limited value, at least in terms of one's freedom, to get care or be protected as if they were a spouse in a male/female marriage. >> is there any federal law that would protect that same-sex marriage? >> absolutely not. you know what's interesting that is exactly the point. under article four of our constitution if new york passes a law, every other state is
12:23 pm
obligated to accept it. well, if that were the end of the story, then that wouldn't be a problem. but in 1995, the defense of marriage law was passed and it said that the constitution was restrict restricted, meaning if you're we yes, ma'aming or idaho, document have to recognize new york's law so what it really means is that law essentially 15 years ago or 16 years ago invalidates the constitution. many say, suzanne, that the defense of marriage slaw therefore unconstitutional because it interferes with that right guaranteed under the constitution. >> avery, speak a bit about the new york law in particular, does it compel any priest, minister or clergy to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony or just government officials? >> yeah that's a wonderful question because a lot of people think that heading over to church or heading over to some house of woreship, the law does not compel a member of the clergy to perform a marriage.
12:24 pm
you can get married at city hall or by a government official but it would violate the first amendment freedom of religion for those clergy who don't believe in same-sex marriage. all in all, new york did a great job in balancing freedom of religion and freedom of expression in terms of personal relationships. >> all right. avery freedman, thank you very much, appreciate it. the norway terror suspect left behind plemt itty of clues as to a motive behind the bombing and mass shooting spree. we are going to take a look what his manifesto revealed. to a mo and mass shooting spree. we are going to take a look what his manifesto revealed.
12:25 pm
(screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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12:27 pm
here is a run down on some of the stories we are working on next. the norway terror attackment is's every thought is revealed in his manifest toe. then believe it or not this is not a stunt, a man is dragged as he tries to hold onto a moving car. and in 30 minutes, fans of singer amy winehouse mourn her death. we are going to take a look at
12:28 pm
all the rock stars who strangely, coincidentally, died at the young age of 27. people are gathering for a march throughout downtown oslo in memory of the 76 people killed, dozens wounded in friday's deadly bomb and shooting massacre, these are pictures sent to us moments ago by christian aglen, an eyewitness to the blast on friday and he is attending the match with thousands of others to remember those who were killed in the attacks. well, we caught a glimpse of the suspect, anders breivik, a few hours ago as he was driven away from court. the judge said breivik admitted to the attacks and claimed he had help from two terror cells. that has not been confirmed. police say breivik will be examined by two psychiatrists. he has been ordered held in sigh owe lation for the next eight weeks. police, they know a about this guy and his alleged motive, mostly because he left behind a 1500-page manifesto. our senior international
12:29 pm
correspondent nic robertson, he digs into what that manifesto reveals. >> reporter: this is how the man accused of being norway's most notorious mass killer apparently wants the world to know him, a smiling, norwegian nationalist, a serious military-style marksman. not just the cold-blooded killer police say stalk and gunned down innocent young victims on a remote rocky island. ander ba eer b revik is believe written the 1500-page manifesto hours before he began a killing spree outside government office. cnn cannot independently verify their authenticity. together, the video and manifesto appear to answer how
12:30 pm
and why the 32-year-old became a mass murderer. the video reveals an intense fear that muslims will dominate europe and anger at what the author calls marxist european governments he blames for doing nothing and a belief that a christian crusade is the solution, a belief he hid when he met this mainstream right-wing politician eight years ago. >> i am actually sorry because i didn't -- because if he had said something like that maybe we could have discovered it. >> reporter: kallmyr suspects that breivik was attract attracted-to-his party's anti-immigration but thought it was too moderate. >> i think he felt that people inside our progress party agree with him or something like that and he wrote in his manifesto he was disappointed. >> reporter: the manifesto, titled "2083, the european
12:31 pm
declaration of independence" rails against such political inaction. my government and our media capitulated to islam several years ago. thousands of muslims pouring in annually through our asylum institution, or by family reunification. the situation is just chaotic. these suicidal trail traitors must be stopped. the author turns his temper on his family, on friends, cruelly discussing sexual diseases he claims they've had, cataloging their failings. he also reveals why he rented a farm outside oslo to plot undetect admission he describes in graphic detail. i have just completed the explosives research faphase and have summarized several new chapters for the compendium. my rifle application came through and i have now ordered an 800-euro silencer,
12:32 pm
specifically created for automatic and semiautomatic rifles. needless to say, this is an extremely vulnerable phase. in fact it is the most vulnerable phase of them all. if i get through this face without trouble, i will be very close to finalizing my operation. the whole ugly episode is so devastating, norwegians are only just beginning to grasp the enormity of it. breivik's manifesto is like a second hammer blow, too soon to fathom the implications of it but already, the question is being asked, how did he get away with it? nic robertson, cnn, oslo, norway. many people in norway risked their lives on friday to try to save others and among them, a boat owner who raced out of the island of utoya while it was under attack to rescue anybody
12:33 pm
he could reach. here is what he told our cnn's michael holmes. >> how many people did you put in here? >> the first round, i believe it was 14. >> 14? >> yes. >> and then i have to address the oldest one of the four left and said, you have to stay ashore, i promise i will come back and get you. and they respected that and said sit down and wait. i went to the mainland, i went back again and there were agreed upon, sitting there and i just waved to them like this and they waved back and we made a contact and got them in the boat and they were another group further out. we pick ed up two or three more and went to the mainland and on the third lap, i think i picked up eight maybe further out. it was quite a touching story because, i mean, i realized that three of the young people laying there kind of together behind the stove, they had got shot in the wounds and transported
12:34 pm
themself to that place and i believe they died there thee three young people holding around each other. >> about 20 kids are safe today because of the actions of that one man. well, could what happened in norway actually happen here? we are going to compare the threats from right-wing extremist and islamic extremists. our cnn national security contributor fran town send is going to join us. the eagle flies at dawn. the monkey eats custard. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor. so, you've been double crossed by other travel sites and now you want to try the real deal.
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12:37 pm
we got some live pitch ers from nor way, it is the rose parade, memorial parade, recognizing the dozens of people who have been injured and killed in the horrific attack that happened in norway over the -- just the course of a couple of days first an explosion outside a government building and then shooting massacre that occurred at a youth camp, a political youth camp, and there are people who are in the streets who are
12:38 pm
paying tribute, mourning, also coming together during this time of tragedy. once again, looking at live pictures of norwegians coming together for a moment of reflection, a moment of mourning, a moment of unity. there have been dozens of terror attacks in europe and the middle east, mostly from islamic terrorists, attacks by right wing extremists, they are actually more rare. our cnn national security contributor fran townsend is joining us via skype from new york to kind of get into this and explain it both a member of cia and department of homeland security advisories. we know with all the bigotry, quite frankly, against muslims, if that's the case here in the united states, could a similar attack happen here? >> you know, suzanne, we at the fbi in particular have spent extraordinary resources tracking sort of right-wing extremist groups and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. i mean, there are environmental
12:39 pm
extremists who blow up and burn down developments, we sought shooter at the holocaust museum targeting jewish americans. so timothy mcvark the one terrorist incident that people, large scale that people really remember, the oklahoma city tragedy was also a sort of white anglo-saxon militia member so we have had a history in this country of having these sorts of groups, these sorts of incidents, but the ones that have more recently got the attention is al qaeda or extremist focused. the department of homeland security, given a a lot of grove for investigating some of those right-wing groups. do you think they are being overlooked, is the emphasis in the right place, effort to go after muslim extremists? >> in fairness, if you remember,
12:40 pm
what the department of home land security got grief over, a built and suggest there had are returning military officers that would pose a threat and then they didn't really -- there was no real backup to that, or nothing that they publicly released, and so they were criticized for that i will tell you that the department of homeland security working with the federal bureau of investigation do expand resource, time and attention on the right-wing extremists. the difficulty, when you look at these groups, they are normally not large groups, it's not an organized structure, which is much more easily detected and thwarted. these tend to be acts like buy one individual or small groups difficult to track down in advance. >> this guy in norway had the manifest he toe, that wasn't released until right before the attack, he basically went under the radar. is that the danger here essentially, that you might have a lone wolf, a right-wing extremist who really isn't detected until it is too late?
12:41 pm
>> a individual acting by himself without the support or knowledge of others, very hard to detect until they begin actually to act. one of the things look at in this country, in the wake of oklahoma city regulation nut police to track the large scale sales of fertilizer because that was a fertilizer bomb, unfortunately, countries learn by their own experience, so you try to track precursor chemicals, fertilizer bombs, looking for triggers that will force law enforcement's attention to a particular individual. absent that, it is almost impossible. >> all right. fran townsend, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, suzanne. a man takes his own life into his own hands when he decides to grab onto a moving car. find out why.
12:42 pm
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backed by the superguarantee®? find a business only& suonline.s®. on your phone. or in the book. go to superpages®. and let the good guys save the day. time now for our weekly true or false test. we take a look at comment buys politician, pundits ohs to see whether or not they are telling the truth. amy who willson a reporter for the "st. petersburg times" and she and others at have been putting the comes and quotes through the truth o meter, start with this one from grover norquist, head of a conservative group, behind the republicans' pledge against raising taxes. here's what he told us on cnn. >> every time we have cult the capital gains tax, the economy has grown. whenever we have raised the
12:45 pm
capital gains tax, it has been damaged. >> what do we make of that, angie? >> suzanne, we rated this one false. now, capital gains taxes are the taxes on investments and they are lower than the taxes on a regular paycheck. so, we looked back over 30 years of economic growth rates and compared it to capital gains tax rates and they don't track perfectly, and certainly not every time. so we rated this one false. >> all right. false. let's try out this one, a quote from president obama on npr. he said, ronald reagan repeatedly talked about how irresponsible it would be to allow the full faith and credit of the united states to be impaired in any way. what's verdict on that one? >> we rated this one mostly true. we dug into the historical documents and we found reagan did say the u.s. should pay its debts and it should not be in document now, presidents usually support increases to the debt ceiling while congress comp
12:46 pm
plain it we know that, rated mostly true. >> finally, it one from victoria jackson, she's comedian and tea party supporter. a clause niptd obama care bill, which is now law, gives obama the right to form a private army. what do we make of that? >> this one got the pants on fire. it seemed to be a serious commentary so we took it seriously and checked it. the health care law does expand the public health service, which has a uniformed commission corps, but doctors and nurses, not members of the military no private armies in the health care bill. >> she is a comedian, maybe she was joke, we will give her that one. angie, thank you so much. appreciate it. some of the stories affiliates are covering around the country. ten-ton relic left behind the 9/11 attacks was moved to its new home after a ceremony in new york this weekend. workers lowered their intersexting beam in the shape
12:47 pm
of a cross into the new memorial and museum set to open later this year. stockton, california, a man was caught on camera doing a hollywood-like stunt, grabbing onto a moving car. the guy was convinced his friend's stolen purse was in the car. police stopped them, ultimately no one was charged and he was okay. and you can now hear this homeless street musician in denver on itunes. the owner of a record label heard the man playing and thought he was talented. so he uploaded a video on youtube and got the song recorded, already brought merchandise 2,000 for the performer, goes by the name dread scott, still working on getting off the streets. deadline on the debt crisis is growing more urgent every day, which brings us to today's talk back question and carol costello, who is joining us.
12:48 pm
>> says yes, if the republicans cannot learn to say grow a deal that would be insane not to in any other year, they should learn that the adults need to stand up and correct their childish ways. >> all right, thank you, carol. britain lost a real talent
12:49 pm
in amy winehouse. she was only 27 years old and an autopsy in london today could reveal what killed her. all the details, next. [ tires squeal ] an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money to buy a car that's one model-year newer with 15,000 fewer miles on it. there's no other auto insurance product like it. better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price.
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♪ said i never, i'll never lose ♪ >> five-time grammy-award winning with artist died this weekend. and though there is no denying her talent, reports of had her battles with drugs and alcohol are well documented. we are waiting right now to hear results if a scheduled autopsy will reveal what killed her. because of her lifestyle there are a lot of to questions and theories but how amy winehouse died. our "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer is here to let us know if
12:52 pm
there are any answers we are learning about this aj, a lot of conflicting reports, quite frankly that are out there. do we have any sense of what actually happened to her? >> not exactly, not just yet, suzanne. as you mentioned, the first strep being taken right now towards an official answer. the autopsy is apparently under way at this moment, although the toxicology results, as always, won't immediately be available. of course that's the information everybody is waiting on to see if drugs in fact, did play a direct part in amy winehouse's death. as of now, london's metropolitan police are telling cnn that wine house's death is being treated as unexplained, but the speedy autopsy does mean that wine house's body can be released to her family and suzanne, plans are in the works to have a funeral for amy tomorrow. >> i know, a lot of people when they found out over the weekend really thought, god, such a talent, a waste that this talent died like she did. has there been reaction from the
12:53 pm
entertainment community? >> well, the reaction has been incredible, widespread. we are hearing from entertainers all over the world, been very passionate. her france gathered outside her home, leaving flowers and moment he toes, wine house's family mingled with fans at the memorial, what was really an emotional scene earlier today. here's what the family told cnn. they "have been left bereft by the loss of amy, a wonderful daughter, sister, niece. she leaves gaping hole in our lives." russell brand wrote what i thought was a touching blog about her passion. he knew wine house personally. russell has had his own battle addiction. here is what he wrote, "whether this tragedy was preventable or not is now irrelevant it is not preventable today. we have lost a beautiful, talented woman to this disease" but considering her troubled past, while there is a lot of sadness there really has not been a lot of shock over this and that was my feeling as well, suzanne. i always rooted for her, i always imagined the day when she would grow into that old soul sound and artistry she had.
12:54 pm
i really looked forward to greatness from amy beyond what she left us, rill thought that was possible. >> aj, she is not the only troubled singer to die at 27 it is strange but some of the world's most talented rockers and musicians died at that age. >> yeah earthquake and this has become something that has tragically been called the 27 forever club this is a collection of really extraordinarily talented musical artists who died at the age of 27. look at. this. immy hendricks, janis joplin, jim morrison, curt cobain and the first member to die was brian jones, an original member of the rolling stones now amy winehouse is the latest to be added to this list. >> all right. thank you very much, aj, i really appreciate it. coming up next, you told us what you would like to see, your choose the news story is just moments away. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪
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ask me how we took the first step... take the first step right now! call or click today for your free information kit with dvd. call the number on your screen or visit tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. you voted, we list and, from miracle drug to dangerous far this koikt, dr. sanjay gupta tracks the history of cocaine. >> reporter: 1884, vienna, a struggling young doctor, sigmund freud, wrote to his fiancee martha about a new interest, cocaine. >> if you are forward you will see who is stronger, a gentle little girl who doesn't eat enough or a big, wild man who has cocaine in his body. in my last severe depression, i took coca again and a small dose lifted me to the heightsn a
12:58 pm
wonderful fashion. >> reporter: cocaine comes from leaves of the coca plant but by the 1880s, big companies, what we'd call big pharma, were distilling the raw leaf into a new drug. in vienna, dr. freud was face nated n 1884 he wrote the first major description, 70 pages, ubercoca, about cocaine. >> it was the miracle drug, if you had a stomachache, if you were nervous, if you were lethargic, if you needed energy, if you had tutu berk cue lows cis if you had asthma, if you had all sorts of thing, it was going to cure what you had. >> reporter: by the mid-1890s, sigmund freud was flirting with disaster as he wrote in a letter. >> need lot of cocaine. >> he probably stopped using it after he and a friend of his used cocaine on a patient and nearly killed her. >> reporter: by then, other doctors were in too. >> too many people were taking
12:59 pm
too much cocaine and then these patients were presenting basically as addicts who needed the stuff, couldn't live without t that's when doctors began to say huh, better rethink this. >> reporter: today, we know addiction is at least in part, a physical disease. we understand more. >> i would hope that more people are skeptical of grandiose claims of new drug ares, new pharmaceutical agents, but we all in our heart of hearts, want a magic bull that's will cure what ails us. >> reporter: a magic bullet, the hope that keeps miracle drugs in business time and time again. >> you can see more of sanjay's reporting every saturday at 7:30 a.m. on his show "sanjay gupta, md." if your choice didn't win, i will have the links on cnn. cnn newsroom continues now with randi kaye.

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